The daily journal that
with you
Speed up your journey of self-discovery and reach your goals faster with our AI-enhanced journaling product built on the Rose Bud Thorn framework.

Build a journaling habit in just 5 minutes a day

Every evening, Rosebud asks you three simple questions about your day based on the popular Rose Bud Thorn framework.


Personalized prompts based on your entries

Rosebud AI asks follow-up questions that are unique to you to help you dig deeper with minimal effort.


Automatically build a vision board for your life

Rosebud AI suggests goals based on your answers to help you live your best life. Track the ones that resonate.


Gain insight into your life with weekly summaries

Rosebud's AI analyzes your journal entries and reflects back patterns in your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.


Your journal is stored privately in your browser

Rosebud entires are safely stored in a private database within your browser that only you can access.

Start improving your life with an AI-assisted journaling practice
Rosebud is an easy and rewarding way to reap all of the benefits of self-reflection with just 5 minutes per day.
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